Small batch ginger beer


locally handcrafted  refreshingly crisp • fiery kick

            Fresh, fibrous ginger

            Fresh, fibrous ginger

            Purified spring water

            Purified spring water

     Fresh California Sunkist lemons

     Fresh California Sunkist lemons

              Organic cane sugar

              Organic cane sugar

We believe that only when you use fresh ingredients, do you get the full power of their flavor and nutrients. That's why you'll only find fresh lemon and ginger in our handcrafted brews, not preservatives, a ton of sugar or flavor extracts.  

Each serving contains ~40% less sugar than most other ginger beers, as we use just enough organic cane sugar to balance the tartness from the fresh lemons and spiciness from the fresh ginger. We also do not add any preservatives, which is why our ginger beer needs to be refrigerated and enjoyed within 3 weeks.

Thoughtfully balanced and versatile, enjoy our brew over ice, drink it to ease nausea, upset stomachs, and inflammation (ginger, you're amazing), warm it up for a twist, add it to your hot tea or fresh squeezed juices, or blend it with your favorite alcoholic spirits.  A wickedly diverse beverage, ginger beer, we love you!


Local Delivery Available

Missed us at the farmers market?  Ran out of ginger beer mid-week?  Want to send ginger beer to some friends?  Try out our local delivery service!

How it works:

- Deliveries take place on Thursdays each week, between the hours of 12-6pm.   All orders need to be received by 10am on the same Thursday. 

- We can delivery to anywhere in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara.  At the bowling alley?  Waiting to see the dentist?  No problem.  We’ll text you when we’re 10 minutes out.

- Delivery fees are a flat $6 with a two growler minimum for each order.

Lastly, but most IMPORTANTLY:  Because our ginger beers are unpasteurized and do not contain any preservatives (read: fresh and perishable!), it’s absolutely critical that you (or someone else) are there to accept the delivery so you can either enjoy it immediately or place it in the fridge.  Your ginger beer will be kept cold en route to you, but it needs to be refrigerated once it has been delivered, so please be around.  If we can’t get in touch with you, we will not attempt a re-delivery and the order will have to be picked up at the farmers market, so again, please be around.


Mountain View Farmers Market

Voted Top 5 in the Nation by American Farmland Trusts' Favorite Farmers' Market, we're proud to be part of this award-winning farmers' market that has been in operation for over 22 years and showcases 80+ farmers and food purveyors.  

We're at the market every Sunday, 9am-1pm, hosted by the City of Mountain View at the Caltrain Station (700 W. Evelyn Ave.) year-round.  What better way to spend your Sunday morning than to pick up some delicious ginger beer, organic produce, baked goods and fresh flowers?


Downtown Los Altos Farmers Market

The Downtown Los Altos Certified Farmers’ Market is a popular family evening out event with local farmers, food trucks and gourmet take-out choices, bakeries and more.

We're at the market every Thursday evenings, 4pm to 8pm, May to September.  Come out, enjoy dinner al fresco and savor some ginger beer in the warm summer air.  

santana row.jpg

Le Marché Santana Row Farmers Market 

Le Marché Santana Row is an outdoor French market between Olin Avenue and Olsen Drive.  The streets transform into a colorful marketplace featuring over 50 vendors offering organic vegetables, local cheeses, flowers, herbs, olives, mouthwatering rotisserie chicken and of course, Ginger Lab ginger beer.

We're at the market every Wednesday evenings, 4-8pm, June to September.  À bientôt


Local Eateries around the Bay Area

Assorted brews of Ginger Lab ginger beer can be found, on tap, at the following locations:

- Forager Tasting Room & Eatery (San Jose)

- Liang's Village Cuisine (Cupertino)

- Poke House (San Jose and Fremont)

More places coming soon! 



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Ginger Lab takes a simple, but innovative approach to ginger beer, a non-alcoholic beverage popularized in the 18th century.  If you like the heat, this ginger beer's for you.

Refreshing and crisp, Ginger Lab ginger beer leaves you with a fiery kick at the end. That’s because every ounce is delicately handcrafted using fresh ginger and fresh lemons in Santa Clara, California, and our small batches are not perfect until we can happily and willingly drink gallons of it ourselves. The tiny bubbles of carbonation tickle your nose, and our ginger beer is sweetened by just enough organic cane sugar (and, in our seasonal flavors, fruit puree), making it a balanced, embracing drink to enjoy on a hot day.  

While it’s called ginger “beer”, our ginger beer contains no alcohol and is even packed with vitamin C from the fresh lemons and ginger, so share it with everyone - even the kids!  For the adults, you might try adding an ounce or two of whiskey for a delicious cocktail. Ginger beer is also excellent in helping to ease nausea, upset stomachs, and inflammation, as ginger is an anti-inflammatory chock full of antioxidants. 

Our ginger beer is sold by the cup for immediate enjoyment or by the growler to be enjoyed with friends at home.  We’re big on recycling and big on adorable stubby glass bottles, so when you bring back your growlers for refills (please clean them out first), we’ll knock a few bucks off. 

Locally handcrafted using unique fruit flavors. Refreshing and crisp with a bit of a spiciness kick. That’s what Ginger Lab ginger beer is all about. 

Ginger Lab is owned and operated by Deb Chang, a Bay Area native and purveyor of all things delicious.  When she's not in the kitchen mixing up new ginger beer flavors, she's busy making craft cocktails for family and friends.


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